The mission of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the Council of Europe is pleased to invite you to the unprecedented and unique concert entitled “Melodies of the Great Steppe: Traditions and Modernity” performed by two outstanding artistic teams – the OTYRAR SAZY folk instrument orchestra and the ethno-folk-rock band “ULYTAU”. A fusion that is both contrasting and harmonious, revealing the different facets of Kazakh culture capable of delighting, astonishing and fascinating even the most discerning public.The concert will take place at the Palais de la musique et des congrès in Strasbourg at 8pm on Wednesday 27 November.

To obtain your tickets please contact “WolfMusique” by email: (free of charge).

Adress: 24 rue de la Mésange – Place des Étudiants

Tel: 03 88 32 43 10.

Palais de la Musique et des congrès (PMC):

Entrance – Schweitzer hall