On Wednesday 30th May the ESU Strasbourg invited a number of students and young professionals to participate in a talk “BREXIT LIVES/BREXIT TALES”
at the Club de la Presse to share their Brexit stories with us. Brexit may not yet be a done deal but young people, in particular, are already feeling its effects.
So students and young professionals from the UK and elsewhere shared their Brexit stories with us.
Brexit is changing people’s lives (generally for the worse) all over Europe and beyond. For young people the effect can be devastating, invalidating studies, frustrating career plans, and even threatening relationships. The ESU meeting heard first-hand how a whole generation is trying to come to terms with the consequences of the UK’s decision to leave the EU.
Please take the time to listen to a recording that was made by Madelaine Pitt at this event.
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With thanks to Madelaine Pitt


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