The Byzantines * “Lights of the East” * Friday, December 13, 2019 at 20h
Espace NOOTOOS – 1 place Saint-Pierre-le-Vieux in Strasbourg * Free participation

“Lights of the East” is a program of sacred and traditional music, like a marriage between East and West, a journey in time from the contemplative to the festive!

From the Orthodox Kyrie Eleison to the Judeo-Spanish romances, the Byzantines deliver a spiritual concert by visiting Eastern Christian traditions and their Hebrew roots.
We sing in French, Latin, Greek, Aramaic, Hebrew.

Who are we ? Hélène Slug-Meyer, voice – Danièle Walter, voice – Mathieu Lavarenne, instruments

Biography: Characterized by the rarity of its performers, Les Byzantines is composed of three artists passionate about the same repertoire who met at the turn of a concert of the Muses. This meeting was the foundation of a concert program that happily took place in the Burnkirch chapel in Illfurth during the first residence of the Byzantines. The Byzantines feed on Eastern Christian contemplative sacred music and their direct Jewish Sephardic roots.
Muses * “Astrale” * Sunday 8 December 4 pm Saint-Amand Church in Strasbourg-Meinau supported by the City of Strasbourg
Friday 20 December 20h Espace NOOTOOS 1 place St-Pierre-le-Vieux Strasbourg

Through the theme of the stars Muses sings the humanity we form on one and the same Earth, living in the rhythm of the cycles of Nature, and its eternal relationship to the Heavens.
The program proposes to travel through the ages and the world through the symbols and meanings given to the stars, to the planets of which Venus is still called “the star of the shepherd” and the Moon.
Songs of fervor, Hymns, Gospels colored with the heat of the continents, as many universes to discover, coming from the traditional repertoire of our regions and elsewhere.
Like a kaleidoscope, the timbres and tessitaries playing to reflect the infinite and in color the outdoor light, Muses invites the public to travel to the heart of the soul and its various sources of inspiration!
In the light of their 3 voices, Maud CESCHIA, Angélique Higelin and Danièle WALTER proposes the Astral program as a celestial vault that will leave room for breathing, meditation, meditation, appeasement.

THE “ASTRALE” CONCERT includes songs from the album SENSORiELLES available at Thé des Muses 19 rue Sainte Barbe in Strasbourg

Voice – Meditation – Memory

Muses wishes … To perpetuate the tradition of oral transmission, from generation to generation, of traditional singing while interpreting it polyphonically. To share with the general public this richness of the heritage of humanity by the most ancestral and natural instrument that is: the voice. Through vibrations and diffused harmonies, allow everyone to delve deep within themselves and their roots, to remember that art can have several functions of contemplation, ritual celebrations or other uses.

Danièle WALTER
06 74 53 94 20
Musician trained at CFMI Sélestat
New show of prevention of auditory risks
Choral conductor of the Neuhof Peace Choir