It’s a story about music, language et love, and also about taking action !  It’s mostly in French, but other languages are involved, and the main character is a English pianist called Steven!

Who is he ? Steven plays the piano on “Oasis of the Seas”, a huge liner that crisscrosses the Mediterranean. A whole crowd is found there: English, French, Russian, Italian … Since the moons, Riccardo has seen them in love, angry, melancholic and even appeased by their travels on the big blue. He got drunk with their nested stories, their longings full of desire, all their tongues and mimes in chaos, chaining after cruising to distract from the abandonment of his dreams.
But today, it is he who will tell us his story in the middle of this world of passengers. With his songs, his visions, from his small theater of reflections and intimacy, like an ear hooked to a mouth, he becomes the melody of some fleeting lives.
There is Igor, a Russian who speaks without an article with a metaphysical sense of the present moment permanently torn apart by love.
There is Fanny, a Frenchwoman, shipwrecked elegant of a routed world, who takes refuge in the precious rhythm of his words.
And then, Gina, an Italian, who fills the sea air with her chaotic songs.
Ah, Gina, she moves him a lot. Gina, she embarks every night in the round of its forms, in the lightning dance of his thoughts full of skill. He made trills and tremolos for her. Ah, that yes. And it would make some arpeggios too … Everything could easily unfold for the best in this world made of a metal shell and an infinite horizon. However…
How is it to be another with another language in his mouth, in his heart?
Richard Doust

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