Irish Night at the Munsterhof

Matt Cranitch & Jackie Daly Play Irish Night

Matt Cranitch, renowned as an exceptional musician and an authority on Irish fiddle playing, and Jackie Daly, “probably the
best accordionist in Ireland” took to the stage and regaled us with a mix of jigs, reels and polkas that had the audience tapping,
clapping and whooping along and showed their craftsmanship to the full. Acapella rendition of Down by the Sally Gardens by Lisa Moore from Carlow.

The pieces were interspersed with anecdotes, Irish geography lessons and jokes Example:

Did you hear about the Corkman with an inferiority complex?
He thought he was as good as everyone else, which set the mood for the following morceaux!

View the video here:
For the full review see the ESC December newsletter (published 17/12/2015).