Some things you might consider to do with your family and friends during the holidays.

Take a look at the BBQ Photos and a video of our muscians:

ESC BBQ 2015
ESC things to do

For more information go to EVENTS & GALLERY

Ariana Remy sculptress will be holding a vernissage on the 17th June then the display will remain on show from 1st July – 11th October.
Go to Events for further information or click on the link to take a tour.

Don’t miss out on a great night the “ESC Retro Party” at the Au Camionneur 14, rue Georg Wodli

Date: Friday 18th September.

Check out the poster below or go to Events on this website don’t delay.

ESC Retro Party

Canoeing on the river just got better! See what we have been up to here or in the “Gallery”.

ESC Canoe Video
ESC Canoe Event

Strasbourg Write a Story competition awards ceremony

SWAS 2015

sxb write a story

Tagora Live theatre, in English in Strasbourg

English Speaking Union

The Anglican Church Strasbourg

Each Sunday at 10h30 at the Eglise des Dominicains, corner of rue de l’Université and boulevard de la Victoire (tram stop: Line C, Observatoire). Worship is in English. Crèche and Sunday School (bilingual)

15 rue d’Austerlitz, (1st floor / 1er étage)

67000 Strasbourg

Tel 03 69 57 40 03

The International Church of Strasbourg (ICS)

Worship in English each Sunday. Ecole Lucie Berger, 1 rue des Greniers, near la Petite France. Fellowship begins at 10:30 and worship at 10:45 Sunday School Programme.

European School of Strasbourg

rue Peter Schwarber
Tel (secretary): 03 88 34 82 20
Tel (vie scolaire): 03 88 34 82 35
Tel (management): 03 88 34 82 26

Bilingual International School of Strasbourg (BISS)

For full information, please contact the school at Tel: 03 88 35 01 24, Fax: 03 88 15 28 09 or email

Accueil des Villes Francaise

A French national organisation principally for facilitating the mobility of labour within France. Also organising social functions, it’s a great way to meet French people also new to Strasbourg.

Anglo info

A website with lots of practical information and what’s going on

Scot Relocation

Relocation services in English!