Creative Writing

Creative Writing Group

The Creative Writing Group – now rebranded as the Strasbourg Writers’ Stammtisch – meets approximately monthly in members’ homes or town-centre venues.

It is a collective rather than a class, although some members have considerable writing experience and can give really valuable feedback. Other contributors are quite new to creative writing.

Our writing styles are very divers and pieces sometimes include poetry and parts of plays, but more usually we work in prose, writing fiction and historic fiction.

A typical event, held in the evening, runs as follows:

7pm       Meet, chat

7.15        Start a writing exercise – requiring spontaneous writing. Voluntarily read to the group for feedback.

8.00        Randomly choose the evening’s order and then each member reads their piece (approximately 500 words, emailed to the group in advance). The group gives feedback about style, credibility, possible discordant elements, maybe even the angle of the story – whether in first or third person, for example.

10-10.30 Wrap up and agree next meeting, host and date.

We have held a one-day workshop and we are contemplating doing a long weekend away somewhere – suggestions welcomed!

We are producing a book of a selection of the group’s works. To order a copy (price tbd but ca 10€) contact:

If you are interested in joining the group, send an email to