Rentrée Picnic 13 September

As temperatures fall and the rhythms of school and work commence once more, we are happy to announce our first large gathering in 6 months. Covid has changed the nature of how we gather for the foreseeable future, but we continue to believe that humans were meant to do life together.

Fountain at Orangerie ParkThe Rentrée Picnic will be held on Sunday, 13 September, beginning at Noon. You are invited to bring food and drink to share (preferably in individual portions), as well as any lawn games you might have. ESC will provide beverages, notably crémant and wine. 

Register here by September 11

Please do take the time to register. In the undesirable event of a Covid-19 case among us, this registration is vital for contact tracing.

What about masks?

While we cannot wear masks while eating or drinking, we ask that you prioritize small groups with 1.5m between each other as much as possible. Researchers tell us that prolonged talking with someone face to face (>15 min) creates the ideal conditions for Covid-19 to spread. This risk is amplified indoors and when shouting or singing, hence the decision to hold the picnic outdoors in a quiet space and not start an ESC Choir. When talking or eating with others, please try to leave distance between you (and wear a mask if you so desire).