ESC Photographic Competition 2019 – Closing date 27th September


Dear ESC member,

Once again we are launching the annual ESC photographic competition.

Submissions should be in JPG format (but any size) and sent to

Each image should be submitted without any digital readjustment.
With the exception of Category 12 & 13.

The categories this year are:

01 Landscape.

02 Landmarks.


03 People & Culture.



04 Endangered Planet


05 Thrills & Adventure.

06 Nature.




07 Food.

08 Street Art.



09 Dusk to Dawn.


10 Oceans, Seas, Rivers & Lakes.



11 Street Life.

12 I-Travel – Digital Photos




13 Young Travel Photographer – Under 18: My Journey  – (Digit images allowed)



 The closing date for submissions is September 27th 2019 A MAXIMUM of 3 PHOTOS ARE ALLOWED.

If you can produce at least one image in a panoramic format we would like to use it in our newly designed newsletter.

Here is a link to some further ideas.


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