Walking Group

Our last walk for 2016. Watch this space for our next randonnée!

dscn4765The walk organized in early October 2016 led us up and down hills above Waldersbach. At times, the landscape offered a different view from the common fir trees, something of a moorland with heather and a few tall lonely maple trees. The weather was rather chilly which reminded us that snow often falls uphills in Champ du feu, the cross-country ski resort closest to Strasbourg. 
We passed through several cute villages, each of them silently sitting at the foot of a small church protected by a wooden shingle roof. The cottages were mountain stylish but unpretentious and with gardens well looked after. It seemed that the neighbourhood was competing for the most colourful hydrangea. Others were showing off with very big hollies.
In the tiny village of Bellefosse, a sandstone wall plaque dedicated to the children carer Louise Scheppler hinted to the educational program developed by vicar J-F. Oberlin in the 18th-century in the Ban-de-la-Roche valley.

We recommend the trails in the area (turn left at Avant-Fouday on the D57 after Schirmeck).

The next walk will be organized by Marina, Karl, Bernard or Monique beginning of May. Those are usually set one hour away from Strasbourg, start at 10.30 a.m. and last around 10 km / 4 hours, never very steep, with a stop for a picnic, concluding with a tea in a good eating place in the area of the starting point.