Walking Group next event 25th March 2018

Our October walk in and around Wissembourg
Wissembourg is a lovely, well-restored little city at the foot of vineyards which are tended by German wine growers although they belong to France.

We first walked to Weiler through orchards, went uphill on the other side of the village and across a wood. The vineyards lay next to the forest and offered lovely views on Wissembourg and Germany. The Weintor in Schweigen (photo 1), a place where wine can be tasted, offered us shelter for our picnic.

Then on to Wissembourg where we saw a bit of the town’s remparts (walls), the Gothic church Saint Pierre et Paul with its huge Saint Christophe fresco (12 meters). The next stop was La Maison du Sel, a huge intriguing building where people used to dry salt, then hospital garments, hence the strange roof and its very long openings.  We stopped at a nice salon de thé in place du Marché aux choux.


Our next ramble will be organised on Sunday 25/03/2018 starting in Pfaffenhoffen. Walks are usually set one hour away from Strasbourg, start at 10.30 a.m. and last around 10 km / 4 hours, never very steep, with a stop for a picnic, concluding with a tea in a good eating place in the area of the starting point. For further information. contact:
Monique Douté
We hope to see you on our next walk.