Book club

The ESC Book Club started life over four years ago and has been meeting on a monthly basis-except for summer breaks- ever since. During this period we have read and discussed a wide variety of books, mainly 20th century or contemporary and written in English by authors from a range of anglophone countries.

At the beginning of 2015 we seemed to be running out of steam and decided to re-organise ourselves into a slightly different format. The members now take turns both to host the meetings and to select the books we are to read. With an injection of several keen new readers we are now back to our argumentative best. There is always a lively discussion about the writing,the characters,the story and the issues that are raised. The conversations are non-academic, wide ranging and usually wildly subjective!

The Club is open to all members of the ESC and you don’t have to commit to regular attendance-you can just come along to discuss a book you particularly enjoyed (or despised). Meetings are held on weekday evenings usually

starting at 18.30. The day of the week is chosen on a month by month basis to suit the majority.

For further information send an email to: