Bonfire Night Party: Saturday 17th November -18h30

Bonfire Night is an event to celebrate the anniversary of a famous event in Bri:sh history da:ng back to the Gunpowder plot of 1606. Guy Fawkes, the most famous traitor in Bri:sh history, tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament and King James I. The anniversary of his arrest is celebrated each year with bonfires and fireworks. 
An effigy of Guy Fawkes is burned on top of the bonfire.

This year we will be celebra:ng bonfire night on Saturday the 17th November. Claire and Roger Massie have, once again, very kindly invited us to use their garden for our tradi:onal celebra:ons.

The address is 23 rue de Hangenbieten, 67120 Kolbsheim: take the airport turning from the A35 (D400-D221
to Hangenbieten then to Kolbsheim). The bonfire will be lit at 6.30pm prompt with the fireworks following at around 7pm. The fee is €5 per adult and €2 per child (aged 3-18 years). Warming soup and mulled wine should help keep out the chill. Remember to wrap up warm, and bring a mug for your soup and a torch if you have one.
We are looking for volunteers to make soup (free entrance for soup makers – but not their extended families!).


Most importantly we also need your scrap wood for the bonfire! So please get in touch to
arrange collec:on or delivery.

To sign-up please get in touch with Mike Wraith (
Payment in advance please as it is no fun collec:ng money in the dark! Cheques should be
made payable to ESC and sent to Mike Wraith 7 rue Lovisa, Strasbourg 67000.


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