Film Club Week of 26th September: “La prophétie de l’horloge”

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Dear ESC-Members and Friends,

Welcome back to the Autumn season Filmclub!

The program is set for the next Quarter!
You will receive an email on the Wednesday, when the film is on screen ( that’s the date which is given to you in the program)! We will see each movie on Sunday afternoon/evening. The details for the rendez vous will be sent out by email, if there are any changes they will be of course communicated.
Please note: The ESC- Filmclub has an envelope with tickets for the UGC, Odyssee, Star and Star St Exupéry!
The price of those tickets is 6,20€!

Everyone is welcome.
Let’s have some fun and see movies in English! Afterwards we can debate the film in English. Newcomers are welcome!

Questions/ suggestions and reservations to Malika at



Week of 26 September:  “La prophétie de l’horloge”

Week of the 10th October: “Johnny English strikes again”

Week of the 7th November: “The Bookshop”

December:  “Christmas Surprise”!


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