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6:39pm, 18 January 2018 First published.

These documents from the United Kingdom-France Summit set out plans for closer co-operation between the United Kingdom and France.

PM’s speech at the UK-France Summit: 18 January 2018

6:45pm, 18 January 2018 First published.

Prime Minister Theresa May’s speech at the 2018 UK-France Summit at Sandhurst.

10:04pm, 18 January 2018 First published.

A speech by Prime Minister Theresa May at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

11:47am, 11 January 2018 First published.

Boris Johnson met with Iranian and European counterparts in Brussels today

2:04pm, 12 January 2018 Amended January 2018

List of English speaking lawyers in France and French overseas territories


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