Free Guided Tour of the Governor’s Palace, place Broglie – Friday 6th October 18h30. Updated with email correction

You have all seen the exterior of the Governor of the Army’s palace in place Broglie, between the Opèra and the Hôtel de Mairie, but have you seen the inside, a time capsule of grandeur? Originally built for the royal moneylending brothers, François-Marie Gayot and Félix-Anne Gayot – hence the name of the nearby square – it is anything but military inside.

Monique Douté has kindly arranged for us to have a free guided tour of the house and grounds on Friday 6th October at 18h30 – afterwards we can        repair to place Gayot for an apéro.

The tour will be in French: please let us know if you are willing to act as interpreter.

To join the tour or for enquiries, email:  by Tuesday 3 October.


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