Elderflower Cordial – recipe

Elderflower Cordial – recipe
Fragrant and refreshing, springtime elderflower cordial is easy to make
5 litres water
5 kg sugar
2 organic lemon (cut in slices)
1/2 glass cider vinegar 20/25 Elder organic umbels or flowers (don’t pick near roads)
Soak the flowers in the water
Add sliced lemon, vinegar and sugar to the water
Cover with cling film and leave in the sun for 4 – 5 days (depending on how much sun!!)
 Filter and put the liquid in bottles (7/8 full) with metal cap (as lemonade or beer bottles)
Stand in the sun for three days and then the fermentation will be finished.
Keep the bottles in your cellar but cool in fridge before use.

Attention: Open the bottle carefully to let the gas out.

Can be used as a liqueur in a glass of Cremant or Champagne or sparkling water!


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