“Tramfest”, a decidedly europtimist event 29-30th April

27 March 2017 • Innovative Mobility, Transport
Visuel_tramfest Additional material with thanks to Edouard Manini who filmed and rode on the first tram.

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A festive and family program will be organized by the City and the Eurometropole of Strasbourg and the City of Kehl on 29 and 30 April 2017. Called “Tramfest”, this weekend will be an opportunity for the general public to discover the Extension of tram D between Strasbourg and Kehl.

Line D of the tram will cross the Rhine and will serve Kehl from 29 April. The City and the Eurometropole of Strasbourg and the City of Kehl will be keen to celebrate this historic event. On Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 April, many activities will be organized between Strasbourg and Kehl.

The authorities of the City and the Eurometropole of Strasbourg and the City of Kehl presented the complete program of “Tramfest” on 27 March 2017 in Kehl.
The actors of the territory mobilized

For “Tramfest”, the actors of the territory will be mobilized throughout the weekend. Associations and professional artists will offer animations, concerts, wanderings but also events and fun activities for children.

A program of activities will allow to discover the four new stations of line D. The stations “Citadelle” and “Starcoop” will be exceptionally open these two days. Line D will be free throughout the weekend. It will run all night from Saturday 29th to Sunday 30th April. Thus, as many people as possible will benefit from the cosmopolitan programming of “Tramfest”.
Original animations initiated by local and cross-border exchanges

Games, participatory workshops and even boat discoveries of the basin Vauban will be proposed. Giant chess games will be held with International Master Jean-Luc Roos, who will compete with up to 20 players at a time. The public will also be able to admire a steam locomotive that crossed the Rhine bridge in 1898. As a precursor of the tram, the locomotive will be the center of an exhibition on the history of the tram line between Kehl and Strasbourg. For the weekend, the Court of Customs will turn into an alternative kermesse. For two days, circus artists and local musicians will delight young and old alike.

“Tramfest” will also be the opportunity to introduce to the general public “Deux Rives”. Through walks, artistic installations, models or even a game of track, the public will be able to familiarize with the largest cross-border project of Strasbourg.

Highlight of “Tramfest”, on Saturday 29 April at nightfall, the bridge over the Rhine will illuminate in a show mixing lights, fire and water.

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