Filmclub 5th May update – Change of programme to “Denial”

Dear regulars of the ESC film club or anyone who wants to join us, as it turns out “The Young Lady” is running on our chosen date only at 5.30pm. And, since I am not confident that this afternoon session would suit everyone. I am inviting you to see with me “Denial” (in French “Le procès du siècle”) at 8.15pm on Friday (May 5th) at UGC.

The movie follows Deborah Lipstadt who is an American professor of Holocaust studies and whose speaking engagement is disrupted by David Irving, a Nazi Germany scholar. He files a libel lawsuit in the UK against her and her publisher for declaring him a Holocaust denier in her books. As in the United Kingdom the burden of proof in a libel case lies with the accused, Lipstadt and her legal team, led by solicitor Anthony Julius and barrister Richard Rampton, must prove that Irving lied about the Holocaust.

As you can see this choice is in the continuity of our first idea as it follows a strong independant women.

According to Malika’s instruction, I will be waiting for everyone on the UGC lobby (next to the bar close to the doors) at 7.45pm.  I hope to see as many of you as possible, and, if any of you were looking forward to see “The Young Lady”, we will address this issue  a little after movie debate.

If you could send me an email to confirm your attendance it will be appreciated.

See you soon I am the one flying the ESC flag.

Claudia, temporary film club organizer

Denial trailer

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